Day 2: JANUARY FASTING AND PRAYERS - Saturday 30th January

Saturday, January 30, 2016,  Wale Ola

Enemy at The Door

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 54 :10-17


In yesterday's prayer and fasting blog, we dealt with the spirit of sabotage mainly from the subversive actions of Satan and his agents as they disrupt, delay, destroy and attack a person through demonic activities.


The main objective of this spirit is to undermine your destiny and hinder your progress towards the fulfilment of God's will for your life by using tactics like delay, disruption, setbacks, abortion, death, destruction, misunderstandings, disfavour or confusion.


When we talk about the “Spirit of Sabotage”, it is very easy for us to default to thinking about it mainly in terms of the things that the enemy does externally, outside of our space.


A quick look at events in biblical history will however show us that the enemy, taking the guise of this strategy, is often much closer to home than we can imagine.


To drive this point home, the Holy Spirit dropped the following thought in my spirit:


The fastest and most effective weapon of sabotage that the enemy uses against believers is words.


Expanding on this thought, we can see that the Holy Sprit is exposing another avenue through which the Spirit of Sabotage can operate without us realising it.


In the garden of Eden, Satan sabotaged Adam and Eve's destinies by using words; this he did by invading their thoughts with a lie that misrepresented God's word to them and His intentions towards them. The same strategy he would later try with Jesus when he was being tempted (Matthew 4:1-11) - He challenged the truth of the word of God that declared Jesus to be the Son of God, and then he negotiated with Jesus to abandon the way of the cross in place of an easy way to “glory”. He used words.


Again when he tried to use Peter to get to Jesus, Satan used words. On the face of it, it would appear that what Peter said to Jesus was out of care and concern for His welfare, but it was nothing more than demonic counsel designed to sabotage the plans of God. The Spirit of sabotage will sometimes use “Prophetic insight”, good sounding words from people who may be well-meaning but misguided, to try to derail or subvert God's plans and timing for your life.


Jezebel succeeded in sabotaging Elijah's destiny not by any show of might, but by simply sending threatening words to Elijah - The mighty Prophet of God that had just witnessed an awesome demonstration of the power of God withered as a consequence of the words that he had heard!


Can you see where God is going with this?


Dear friend, God is alerting you today, to the wiles of the enemy to sabotage your destiny that is as subtle as it is dangerous:


“If the enemy can sabotage your thoughts, he can sabotage your words; if he can sabotage your words, he can sabotage your vision, if he can sabotage your vision, he can sabotage your destiny”.


At the point of waiting, at the place of delay, at the point of your greatest discomfort and at the pressure points in your life, is when the enemy tries to sow the words of sabotage into your heart. This can be by way of thoughts that are formed in your mind, or words that people will speak to you. That's why the bible enjoined you to: “Guard your heart with all diligence” and to “Take heed how you hear….”


When the words enter into your thoughts, they can either be for you to self-sabotage, or you could be an unknowing instrument of sabotage in another person's life.


What words have you been thinking or speaking that are bringing fear, anxiety, confusion, discouragement, distraction and even tiredness in your heart? If you are not careful, those words could be the seed of destruction that the enemy has planted to derail your destiny!


Satan's plan is to get you to think his word, believe the word, then speak the word and then you begin to see what you speak manifest. He has succeeded in sabotaging your destiny by making you to believe his lies.


Be careful about the words that you speak in this season; be careful about the words that you pronounce over yourself or over the church. Do not allow yourself to be used by the enemy as an adversary of the purpose of God, to sabotage your own destiny. Do not be ensnared by the words of your own mouth!


If you do not understand what is happening in your life or situation, Start declaring the word that God has spoken into that situation…it is best for you to pray what you want to see, rather than give life to what you are seeing.


Continue to declare His promises over your life, over your family and over the church. What He said He will do, He will establish. His promises concerning you will not be sabotaged nor aborted in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


May God strengthen you as you wait on Him in Jesus' Name.


Pastor Wale Oladimeji



No weapon that is fashioned against me shall prosper.


My life is hid with Christ in God. My destiny is secured in the Faithfulness of God's word concerning my life.


My purpose is a sure testimony that is complete and perfect in accordance with God's plans for my life.


Every word that has been spoken by people, or that I have spoken to sabotage my destiny is hereby annulled with immediate effect in Jesus's Name.


I remove myself, my family and my church from every demonic influence that has sabotaged our progress in Jesus Name.


I command a restoration of God's timing and order in alignment with His master plan for my life, my family and the church in Jesus's Name.


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