A Call To Higher Ground

Saturday, January 07, 2017,  GLA CHURCH

A Call To Higher Ground — James Daniel


At the turn of the new year, a number of thoughts are prevalent on my mind among which is the concept and spirit of GIVING!

Though already a giving Church, God wants us to up our game this year as a way of releasing God's heavenly treasures in our midst.


As a Church this year, I believe God is calling us to higher ground in our giving. We need to return to, and maintain, the spirit of firstfruits giving in our lives as Christians. We need to shift gear and move to higher ground this year!
A Joint Responsibility
Over the years, the GLA London ministry has been a blessing to us, it's members, in many than one, financially also. I feel the Church as a whole including the members should share in the responsibility of resolving the Church's current financial dilemma. It is doable by God's grace!
One of the ways I believe is by creating an opportunity for people to be part of the solution by exercising their faith to give towards monies owed. We can also do this by allocating certain months where the Church is given an opportunity to repair the house of the Lord (2 Chronicles 24:4) financially by giving to alleviate some of the ministry's costs.
This new year I believe the Church has to firmly embrace the spirit of GIVING operating on the principles of firstfruits!


I think it is also imperative that the ONLINE PAYMENTS module is sorted out.

The principles of giving and firstfruits however transcend only financial considerations or application.....



I believe God is calling us a ministry to a place where as a Church—


1. We give our hands to God (2 Samuel 22:19-21) - Only embarking on, and doing things that will please the Lord.


2. We give our feet to God (Psalms 119:101) - We only go to places that are pleasing to the Lord our God.


3. We give our heart to God (Matthew 15:8) - So that we're not far away from Him.


4. We give our mouth to God (Ephesians 4:29) - So that our mouths are for glorifying God.


5. Let God reign in our thoughts (Philippians 4:8).

In summary, God is calling us to live a life worthy of our status as followers of Christ.
And as we do so, we'll enjoy the full privilege of having God in our midst (Matthew 1:23) that is, tending to the impossibilities amongst us.




James Daniel 
Deacon, GLA London    
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