The GLA Family is a gathering of people who love the Lord, and just want to be used by Him to extend His Kingdom here on earth! We are a growing church established in London - UK in 1997 as a Mission Plant of Guiding Light Assembly Lagos, a ministry which is under the general oversight of Pastor Wale Adefarasin.  GLA UK is Pastored by Pastors Wale and Elsie Oladimeji, supported by a leadership team of an associate Pastor, Trustees, Elders, Deacons and Ministry Associates leading different ministry teams.


We are a Full Gospel Church and a registered UK Charitable Organization (Charity Number 1059661), and a member of the Evangelical Alliance. We are a multicultural fellowship, with a mandate to Raise and Equip Leaders for the work of ministry.


We have been meeting in different rented facilities all over Greater London over the 16 years of our existence - We have met in community centres, libraries, schools and hotels, our most recent one being the current facilities that we use for our church activities in Parliament Hill School, Highgate Road, London.



We have a vision and a strong passion to be a community-centric church, with a ministry that impacts our local neighborhood and beyond, by having the capacity to be more readily accessible to those who need our ministry in a visible, tangible and consistent manner. In as much as we have been engaging in activities aimed at furthering this objective (such as hospital and prison visitations, career counseling, youth outreaches), our lack of a permanent place of ministry has immeasurably hampered our ability to deliver a more effective service to our local community, or engage in much required outreach activities such as running a soup kitchen, homeless projects and running a food bank, drop-in programmes for counseling,

single mothers or the aged, programmes which the less-privileged or needy people in the community can greatly benefit from.



We have identified as an urgent objective, the need to secure the lease or purchase of our own premises as a permanent place of worship, which will provide us with the flexibility we desire for our community outreach activities and our times of worship, as well as provide an opportunity for growth and the capacity to deliver a more effective ministry to our local community.

We invite and encourage you to please partner with us in the fulfillment of this objective either by supporting us with your prayers, or indeed, by giving a contribution towards the building fund.


God bless and richly reward you as you stand and build with us in Jesus' Name.

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